A tired group of twelve battled the sun and short bench to go 4-1 on the weekend before succumbing to Burlington in the Tillsonburg final.

Thornhill handled their business through pool play with 10-1, 6-2 and 10-0 wins, as Dieks, Batts and Levy all tossed CGs for the first place finish. A pesky Simcoe Giants squad battled extremely hard in the semi final before bowing to the Reds 14-8. Mike Bannon was the winner, as Thornhill looked for their third Tillsonburg tournament championship trophy.

Once again however, the Burlington Brants proved to be the Reds stumbling block, as the boys were never really in it losing 10-0 in 5.



The Reds are now 9-2 on the year, with a nice stretch of GTBL contests slated for June.